True and Reliable Information Sharing in VANET Environment

  • Mohit Saxena Bhopal Institute of Technology & Science, Bhopal
  • Sweta Sharma Bhopal Institute of Technology & Science, Bhopal


VANET is a special class of mobile ad hoc network. Data dissemination in VANET is a challenge due to its dynamically changing topology, and researcher's works very hard to minimize this problem and new approaches from them have done this. Now data dissemination in VANET is easy as compared to five years back. But now a new challenge comes in front of researchers that how they decide that information which has to be forwarded into the network is valid and how can they make the network trustworthy. In this paper, we proposed a new approach in which a vehicle can check that information that comes to it for forwarding is true or not and, on its decision, data disseminated in the network. By this, we can make the VANET network trustworthy, and our experimental results show the same.


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